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1300 ALLTRADES (1300 255 872) is available as a referral service to ALL trades and service businesses. By referring customers to your business by calling 1300 ALLTRADES, you gain an edge over competitors with a phone number customers will never forget.

Forget about paying to go and quote on a job lead. We don’t do this as we believe you are throwing good money away. Unlike our competitors, we recognize there are a lot of people trying to save a dollar and lodge job requests into 10+ different websites. This wastes everyone’s time and resources, so why waste your money just to quote on a job that you may be up against half a dozen or more trades. Our competitors love this as it is an easy grab for your and your competitors dollar.  We on the other hand provide leads for FREE. You don’t need to pay just to quote. Our system is the true ‘User Pays’ system. This means that you only pay a small commission when you actually win a job. We believe it is fair for everyone, and keeps us accountable for the quality of the leads you get as it is in our best interest that you win as many jobs as possible. As for our competitors, once you accept a lead, they couldn’t give two hoots whether you win the job or not, they will just try to on sell the same lead to as many other tradies as possible as its designed to line their coffers. Our aim is to build loyal long standing relationships with our trades and not to rip them off and lead them onto wild goose chases. Lets be honest our competitors systems are not designed for loyalty and integrity but more so to churn over the tradespeople and to attract new victims once their current subscribers decide that they have had enough. We value high quality tradespeople that have great people skills and are great communicators. If you think you fit this criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

By joining 1300 ALLTRADES you business instantly gains:

  • 100% return on advertising dollars spent.
  • Only pay for work you get. (Successful Leads)
  • Never pay for a job lead. All Job leads provided are FREE.

PhoneWord brand recognition

  • By Joining 1300 ALLTRADES your business along with other businesses will share in the benefits this concept has to offer.
  • Our concept is simple. Our Brand is a vehicle used by many trades businesses to increase sales. Customers contact us with all their job requirements; we then refer these jobs to the appropriate tradespeople.
  • Your business becomes part of the 1300 ALLTRADES brand without the expensive franchising overheads.

Direct Contact with Customers

  • We do not get involved in the transaction between you and your customer.
  • All leads are properly qualified prior to being sent to you eliminating invalid job leads.

Your business benefits with Increased Call Volumes

  • As more customers call the 1300 ALLTRADES phone number, your business gets more exposure.

Work Leads referred are accepted at your discretion

  • You are not obligated to accept work leads from 1300 ALLTRADES. The leads you accept are at your discretion. No questions asked. Simply put, the work you take on is your choice.
  • You choose the areas that you want to work in at time of registration.

Our Fees

  • Joining 1300 ALLTRADES is absolutely FREE and there are NO ongoing yearly or monthly subscription costs EVER.
  • Job Leads are FREE, and they are unlimited. We know that traveling to quote a job actually costs you time and money. Why charge you for a lead?
  • Our fees are based on successful job leads only. Our business is designed to deliver a WIN, WIN situation for both our business and our members.


1300 ALLTRADES will look after you, if you are the right tradesman with great qualities. We believe our success can only be possible if our tradies are successful.

1300 ALLTRADES and its services are now available to all trades and service businesses across Australia. Whilst we require the services of tradespeople across all areas, we can only take on the required businesses needed to satisfy demand. Don’t wait; apply now to join our network of professional tradespeople and set your business apart from the rest. Start enjoying the benefits that we have to offer today.

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Seeking Trades Australia wide

We are currently seeking trades people across all capital cities and regional Australia. If you are a great communicator, have great people skills and love what you do as a tradesman, we’d love to hear from you. Although we currently operate in VIC, NSW and QLD, we are looking to expand our trades in these states as well as establish new ones in SA, WA, TAS and NT.  Opportunities will always be available for the right tradespeople in all areas.

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Tradies benefits

  • Don’t waste money and pay to quote on jobs
  • No joining fee
  • No yearly or monthly subscriptions
  • Get unlimited job leads
  • Only pay for work you get. (Successful Leads)
  • No risk to you!