Chimney cleaning for your fireplace this winter


07 May Chimney cleaning for your fireplace this winter

Chimney Cleaning

A fireplace is a simple structure designed to contain a fire. It is usually a feature of a house designed to make a room warm and cozy. It is critical however that these are properly maintained. Whether you have a fireplace in your home, business, or any other location including the outdoors. These must be kept clean to continue working safely and efficiently. Carrying out regular maintenance of your fireplace and chimney will provide a much cleaner fire, reduce the risk of a chimney flare up and will also let off less smoke. Unfortunately for most people chimney cleaning is overlooked. Its one of those out of sight out mind jobs. Many people not experienced with fireplace maintenance don’t actually know that chimney cleaning is a thing. Until of course the problems start.

Apart from chimney cleaning, other services available are repairs to brick structures. Repairs to metal structures. Repairs to flues. Installation of cowls. Installation of damper systems. And much more. Also if you have ducted heating in your home. Our contractor is fully equipped to clean and sanitize. All ducts and fans. Ask them and they will do a great deal for both chimney cleaning and heater duct cleaning.

If you are seeking a professional in chimney cleaning around Melbourne, we can help. Our contractor can provide regular maintenance to your fireplace, for a cleaner fire with less smoke – as we are about to get into winter now is the time to book it in. With affordable rates in Melbourne starting from as low as $120 for a single story, this is a small price to pay for your peace of mind. Book today to get your Chimney cleaned before winter. Our contractors are all registered and fully insured.

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Chimney Cleaning


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