COVID-19 Coronavirus & our commitment to safety

Covid 19 Coronavirus

06 Apr COVID-19 Coronavirus & our commitment to safety

During this Coronavirus crisis. Our trades are still working and open for business and our clients have jobs of all types that still need to be done. We want to ensure everyone can continue on with their interactions in a safe manner helping to slow the spread, and in line with the latest government guidelines.

Covid 19 Coronavirus

To assist with that, we’ve put together some tips for both our trades and clients. To help minimize the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

We hope you find these useful. We urge common sense to be applied between all parties and that everyone is respectful to one another during these difficult times.  We encourage everyone to stay informed about the latest government health advice here.

Coronavirus Tips for the client:

  • If anyone in your home is contagious, unwell or otherwise at risk. Discuss with the tradesman and possibly reschedule.
  • Feel free to ask the trade if they have any symptoms or are unwell
  • Practice 1.5m social distancing from the contractor
  • Keep other people away from the area the trade is working
  • Don’t shake the tradesmans hand.
  • Ensure hand washing facilities and disinfectant readily available and insist on its use
  • Open windows and doors to allow airflow where possible
  • Pay with a credit card, or internet banking to avoid the handling of cash
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces after tradesman has finished around work area.
  • Ensure everyone practices coughing & or sneezing into elbow / tissue and good hygiene afterwards

Coronavirus Tips for the tradesman:

  • Trade to Reschedule if unwell
  • Where possible the trade can video call you (e.g. FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp) and see the issue. This can help to ensure that when they get to site they have all the materials needed.
  • Maintain 1.5m social distancing from any person
  • Tradesman may Decline to shake hands, for everyone’s safety
  • Regularly wash hands and use disinfectant, carry their own sanitizer where available
  • Wear gloves
  • Consider a face mask

Whilst we are now in uncharted territory. We are committed to promote best practices, in order to keep our trades and clients safe. Aiming to strive to some kind of normality during these challenging times. 

We will aim to provide you with advice as we move forward. We will be keeping you updated and as informed in this continually changing volatile environment.

Below you will find some useful links which are aimed to help if you are facing financial hardship during these difficult times.

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