Essential Trades Jobs that can not be avoided during coronavirus crisis

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14 Apr Essential Trades Jobs that can not be avoided during coronavirus crisis

Essential Trades

As many of us are spending more time in the the home, its good to know that Trades are still classed as essential services. This of course allows us to prioritize when we choose to get work done that is not urgent. However below is a list of essential trades jobs that may arise unexpectedly.


Electrician ElectricalElectrical Works – Never attempt to do anything other than change a globe or reset a safety switch. Electricity is dangerous and can be fatal. Any fault finding or remedial works must be done by a licensed electrician. Large penalties apply to anyone caught completing illegal electrical works. In the event of a house fire, insurance can deny any claim if the cause is found to be due to illegal wiring. If you experience a sudden loss of power, BOOK HERE and 1300ALLTRADES will organize for an electrician to call you. Electricians are classed as one of our Essential trades service providers.


Plumbers PlumbingPlumbing and Gas – If you smell gas, first check to ensure no appliance has been left on with gas filling the room. Proceed to turn off the gas at the mains. Open all doors to allow ventilation of the room/s. Proceed to call a licensed plumber / gas fitter to find and fix the gas leak. Gas can be dangerous and lethal if leaks are allowed to continue. Various other problems that can suddenly arise such as mains water pipe damage, tap leaks, sewer blockages, roof leaks, gutters/storm water blockages, hot water system replacements and repairs and more. All these items require a licensed plumber to undertake the works as if not done properly and illegally can cause extensive damage to a property and have any subsequent insurance claims rejected. BOOK HERE and 1300ALLTRADES will organize for a licensed professional to call you. Plumbers and Gas Fitters are classed as one of our Essential trades service providers.


Roof RestorationsRoofing – The very thing that gives us shelter in our home is the roof over our heads. This can not be neglected as further damage will be done to anything below that is not protected from the external elements. The small leak could turn into a big flood with the next rain and wind event. An experienced roofing contractor will highlight issues during the course of their daily works. Roofing work is also very dangerous as the risk of falling is high. Statistics show that falls are the single highest cause of injury and in some cases death. When talking to roofing contractors be sure to ask what fall prevention measures they have in place. Many contractors have also completed a fall prevention course which are then issued with a card which allows them to perform works at elevated heights governed by the relevant state safety authorities. BOOK HERE and 1300ALLTRADES will organize a roofing contractor to call you. Roofing contractors are classed as one of our Essential trades service providers.

More Importantly, feel free to talk to your tradesman about being coronavirus aware. Maintaining social distancing, hand sanitising etc. If you or someone in your house is unwell, it is best to reschedule, this also applies to the tradesman. Both you and the tradesman will be on the same page as to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion.

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