Free Upgrade to LED Downlights

Free upgrade to LED Downlights

14 Apr Free Upgrade to LED Downlights

Free Upgrade to LED Downlights

FREE LED Downlight upgrades are back in Melbourne!!

Reduce your lighting power by up to 80%: If you have 20 or more Halogen downlights. You’re paying too much for electricity. Get a FREE upgrade to LED downlights. Start saving immediately. Halogen downlights are among the most inefficient light bulbs. Plus they generate significant wasted heat.

If you have 20+ halogen downlights, You can upgrade to LED’s FREE. CLICK HERE to book.

Slash your electricity bill with an upgrade to FREE LED downlights: Get your existing halogen downlights swapped, with LED downlights for free. Your new LED downlights will be superior to halogen in running costs, light quality and ongoing life. Offer is available to all Residential and Commercial Properties, owners and tenants.
Tell your friends and you neighbours.


Click Here to get your FREE LED Downlights

Free LED DownlightsFree LED DownlightsFree LED DownlightsFree LED Downlights


Who installs the LED downlights?

All installations are carried out by A grade licensed and registered electrical contractors which have been verified by 1300 ALLTRADES

  • Installation by qualified A grade Electrician
  • Save up to 80% on your lighting bill
  • Available for Owners & Tenants

 Dimmable and Non Dimmable

  • Dimmable and Non Dimmable

Please note that dimmable globes will attract a small charge.

Halogen vs LED

Halogen downlights are being phased out. By switching to LED your down light electricity costs can reduce by up to 80%. Plus they last for up to 30,000 hours which is approx 6 times longer than Halogens.

Free LED Downlights Free LED Downlights
$24 per year per globe $3 per year per globe

Call us on 1300255872 to Get your FREE LED Downlights now


*Work is to be performed by licensed electrical contractor verified by 1300 ALLTRADES. It is the responsibility of the client to ask the contractor to produce their license when attending. Transaction is between client and contractor. 1300 ALLTRADES is merely acting as the referring agent.

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