Renovations and DIY popular during Covid-19

Renovations and DIY popular during Covid-19

22 Jul Renovations and DIY popular during Covid-19

Renovations and DIY popular during COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne

Renovations and DIY popular during Covid-19. Recent trends in Australia has seen the rise in Renovations and DIY during Covid-19 across the country. In particular Melbourne since the Pandemic has taken hold since March earlier this year.

An article in Domain earlier in the year. Also the queues seen in front of Bunnings Warehouse stores. All point to a fact we cannot sit around. We are getting busy at home and for a good reason.  Along with Supermarkets, stores such as Bunnings have reported great profit results during this period. Unlike some of the other department stores and many other retailers closing down.

As renovation projects increased. So did the demand for professional trades. Many tried to take on a project. However bit off more than they could chew. As we head back into the 2nd lock down in Melbourne. The last 2 weeks has seen this pattern re-emerge.

Reasons that are making Renovations and DIY popular during Covid-19 outbreak?

  • Rearranging space to allow working from home
  • Online schooling for remote learning
  • Gym and exercise areas at home due to closures
  • Ideal opportunity to bring forward planned renovations while home

For many it has been as simple as moving some furniture around, converting a rumpus or spare bedroom into an office. For others, it has been engaging a builder to construct an additional room to a property. Kids bedrooms or play areas have had to be re-arranged to allow desks for online schooling. Landscaping has been needed in many cases to convert yards into exercise areas. Planned renovations in particular kitchens were bought forward, as much time was spent with the family in this room given all dining out places are shut. For many it was a simple paint job to kill time and spruce up the home.

So if you are in Melbourne and you are in lock down like most of us, you may want to try the following;

If you would rather engage a professional, we can help with that also.

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