Roof Seal options for your roof.

Roof Seal

28 Apr Roof Seal options for your roof.

Why consider a roof seal?

We often don’t consider roof repairs until we discover there is a problem with our roof such as a roof leak. Given it is probably one of the most important things above our heads, it’s often out of mind, out of sight. A roof seal can be different in scope depending on the construction and roofing type.

Cement Tiled Roof – are roof tiles made out of concrete. These are one of the most popular building choices given their durability and cost effectiveness. They are also available in many different profiles and colours to suit all roofing types. Cement roof tiles need to have their condition checked at least yearly to prevent any potential water ingress during rain. Roof seal barriers on a cement tiled roof involve all mortar and cement along with any flexible compound under the ridge caps and valleys. Other barriers are lead seals at the base of antenna masts and heater flues. The roof tiles them selves need to be checked for cracks on the corners and also the surface needs to have an adequate layer of paint to give a proper roof seal barrier against water leaks.

Terracotta Tiled Roof –  These roof tiles are made out of a clay based ceramic usually in a glazed form. The sealing barriers to this kind of roof are very similar to the tiled roof, with the exception of the surface not requiring any paint as the glazing forms a major part of the roofs overall condition. These need to be checked yearly to ensure an adequate roof seal.

Metal Roof – Metal roofing especially colourbond is also now becoming very popular given its durability and strength to withstand large hail storms, also the large number of profiles and colours available to suit many different looks. Roof seal properties for metal roofs are usually the roof sheets themselves as they are in individual sections. Also flashings and cappings form part of the roof seal barrier as they help conceal the adjoining walls and roof sheets.

Different types of contractors for different types of roofing

Depending on the construction of your roof, this will determine the type of contractor that will be required for your roof seal.

Roof Plumbers – are licensed to repair, install and seal all metal roofing including colourbond. Roof plumbers are also qualified to perform gutter and valley replacements. If your roof is a metal or colourbond roof and is in need of a roof seal you will need a roof plumber to carry out this work. This could range from replacing one or more roof sheets and or flashings to give you the perfect roof seal.

Roof Tilers – are qualified to repair, replace or install tiled roofs. These can be terracotta and cement tiled roofs. A roof seal for these kinds of roofs can vary depending on what is required to give a complete roof seal. The most common roof seal required for tiled roofs is repointing where a flexible compound is applied over existing bedding on the ridge caps which are structurally sound. In some cases where the mortar is overly deteriorated, the ridge caps are removed cleaned and rebedded with new mortar and covered with flexible compound to give a complete new roof seal. Also any cracked or broken tiles are replaced during this process

Call us for a roof seal

We have contractors for all types of roofs. Whether you have a metal / colourbond roof or a tiled roof, every roof needs a well maintained roof. Call us today to book in a an inspection of your roof today on 1300 255 872 or click on this link to book an inspection

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