About Us

About 1300 AllTrades

Our Background

We all know how hard it can be finding tradespeople right when you need them. Especially where there is the need to contact more than one trade or service. Whether it is phone calls going unanswered or messages not being returned we know its frustrating when we don’t achieve what we set out to achieve. In 2002 we recognized the need to establish an exclusive service that connects consumers with tradespeople. Our services have been designed to remove all complexities out of the process of finding a tradesman. February 2006 saw the official launch of our services as we have been 4 years in the planning phase. A significant factor which dictated our launch date was our ability to acquire the 1300 ALLTRADES phone number. We believe this is an integral part of our business as it not only provides an unforgettable edge over our competitors, but also gives us the brand equity that we require to have an immediate impact into the market place.

Our Services

1300 ALLTRADES is the fast and easy way for consumers to find trades people. Call, Email or Fax us with your job requirements. We will refer your request to the appropriate tradesman / service provider. The tradesman will contact you to make further arrangements. Why waste time looking through the Yellow Pages or local papers when 1300 ALLTRADES is the only name and number you need to know?

1300 ALLTRADES… Know the Name, Know the Number, for All your Trades and Service needs.

Benefits of using our services:

  • No more searching through Yellow Pages or Local Papers.
  • No more ringing around chasing tradespeople.
  • No more unreturned phone calls or worse ‘NO SHOWS’
  • More Free time at your disposal
  • One point of contact for ‘ALL TRADES’
  • This is a Free service for consumers.

Our Tradespeople

Our tradespeople are highly skilled independent business people who share our values and ethics when it comes to dealing with customers. A stringent quality assurance checklist is completed by all tradespeople during the application process and certain minimum criteria must be met prior to acceptance of their services.

Our Values

Customer Focus
Our focus on customer satisfaction is the catalyst of our business. We aim to exceed expectations in all instances in order to reinforce the branding and memorability of our business in more ways than one. Unlike our competitors we will not ‘walk away’ and ‘hand you over to the tradesman’ after the initial contact that the customer makes with us. We will continue to follow up until we are certain the customer is satisfied.


Our business name is our Phone number. Its memorability provides our customers with the most unforgettable and most innovative means of communication. 1300 ALLTRADES is all that needs to be remembered whether calling by phone or logging onto the net. In line with our busy lifestyles, our business is designed to deliver convenience right from the moment you realize you need to dial for a tradesman. In addition, our many years of marketing and business experience can help generate growth and increase profitability for our tradespeople.

Honesty and Integrity

We will not compromise our ethics or our reputation. Integrity is the core attribute of our company and a personal value of every one of our employees and associates. We stand behind what we say.


We care about our employees and provide a challenging and rewarding place to work. Our employees are the cornerstone for building customer loyalty.


Every task at 1300 ALLTRADES is thoroughly planned and carried out with excellence. Market leadership is an aspiration that requires innovation, continuous improvement, and an ongoing assessment of the competition.

Did you know?


Did you know that all it takes is one phone call, email or fax to 1300 ALLTRADES, to arrange for as many tradespeople that are required for your project?

Whether you just need a handyman or a licensed builder, they are just one phone call away.

No more excuses about not knowing who to call,1300 ALLTRADES is the only name and the only number that you need to know for ALL TRADESand ALL SERVICES.

Call us today – 1300 255 872