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Household Maintenance Checklist and Safety Tips

1300 ALLTRADES has put together this page of hints and tips to help you identify issues around the home along with some pointers on preventative maintenance & safety in general.

Household Checklist

We all know it’s always less expensive and more efficient to finish several jobs at once instead of coming back again and again to start projects from scratch. So when a tradesman drives to your home or business, save your time and money by pointing out everything that might need inspection. Be attentive to older fixtures that may need preventative maintenance as well as items that don’t function quite as well as they used to.
Click the link below for a household checklist that will help determine which areas may need attention.

1300ALLTRADES Checklist (Adobe Reader Format)

Did you know?

Did you know that some basic seasonal checks around the home can save you hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on repairs? Don’t wait too long to fix that flickering light or leaking hot water service.

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