Seasonal Suggestions

Seasonal Suggestions

Season What to do Why do it
  • Schedule professional air conditioning service.
  • Visually inspect roof and guttering for damage or wear. Clear any debris out of guttering system.
  • Trim low hanging branches of trees & clear weeds from around the garden beds.
  • Change battery in smoke alarms and test
  • Spring is a great time to prepare for summer. Servicing your air conditioner will minimize the risk of breakdown.
  • Roofing & guttering that is in good condition will minimize the risk of roof leaks and overflowing gutters.
  • Garden maintenance and weed control is very important as spring encourages rapid growth. This also reduces fire risk in more fire prone areas.
  • 100% working smoke alarms save lives.
  • Check all doors and windows for correct operation and proper sealing.
  • Clean filters on air conditioner as needed and keep debris clear of filters and outdoor air conditioning unit.
  • Check all garden taps and hoses for any leaks or splits
  • Irrigation systems to be checked for leakages and broken pipes.
  • Correct operation of Doors and windows will ensure adequate ventilation when needed and maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system during hot weather.
  • In particularly hot areas, summer weather can cause stress on your air conditioning unit. Make sure ventilation systems are open and air flows freely during these months.
  • Garden taps and hoses need to be in good working order should they be needed in fire weather conditions.
  • Sound Irrigation systems are essential to the well being of any garden. A well maintained system will also minimize water usage.
  • Repair weather seals on doors and windows.
  • Clean gutters from leaves and other debris.
  • Drain hot water-heaterĀ  via pressure relief valve.
  • Service ducted heating unit and clean ducts.
  • Autumn is the season to prepare for cold winter weather in most areas of Australia. Weather seals will keep out unwanted cold drafts and maximize heating efficiency.
  • Gutters can easily fill up with leaves during the autumn months. If left unattended, they will cause a drain block in the short term however in the long term your gutters will corrode and deteriorate at a faster rate.
  • Hot water tanks tend to build up sediment at the bottom. By doing this you are removing sediment, therefore prolonging the life of the heater.
  • Ducted heating units generally gather dust through the summer months. By servicing the unit and cleaning of the ducts you will reduce the risk of any potential allergic reaction.
  • These precautions should help keep your plumbing and electrical systems running smoothly.
  • Check your roof and gutters for debris that may hinder the correct flow of water.
  • Test smoke alarms
  • Lubricate hinges on doors and fixtures.
  • Repair sticking doors.
  • Remove excess dust build up and check for adequate air flow of portable fan heaters, particularly older ones.
  • Blockages can cause overflowing and potentially flooding in the event of a downpour.
  • Smoke alarms must be working. It is not uncommon in Winter that fires start from faulty heating appliances.
  • Doors hinges tend to get noisy in colder weather.
  • Timber door frames generally swell in cold humid weather. Fixing them at this time will generally keep them trouble free long term.
  • Simply cleaning these portable fan heaters will minimize the risk of fire and also maximize efficiency.

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